Spring Blooms

Some of our Spring Blooms….

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Mosquito Control

This container garden has been the talk of the nursery for the past two weeks. Guess what?! Andy’s Creekside Nursery has all the ingredients for a mosquito control container garden IN STOCK! The Ageratum and Marigold plants we carry are tried and true for our region. They make perfect substitutes for what has been specified below. Let us help you design your own bug control container today!


Funky, Fun & Informative Plant Books


Take a break from the garden and turn on your reading lamp or e-reader to enjoy some truly entertaining titles that give insight into obscure and fascinating plant facts. [Read more…]

Pruning Landscape Trees & Shrubs


Pruning of trees and shrubs can help them stay within a certain size limit to fit the confines and aesthetics of a garden space. More importantly, pruning encourages fuller plants – thus more foliage for photosynthesis, more blooms to attract pollinators, more fruits for you and any creatures you share them with. [Read more…]

Perennials – A Garden Investment


Perennials come back year after year and give an excellent return on a gardener’s investment of time, energy and money. Perennials can provide a beautifully shifting display of texture and color throughout the seasons, without the removing and replacing of plants that would be needed to bring a fresh look to annual plantings. Most can be divided, after 3-5 growing seasons, providing additional plants to expand the landscape or share with other gardeners. Compared to Annuals, time and money demands for feeding and watering are also much less and the tasks of transporting, planting, removing and disposing of them every season are unnecessary.