$35 Flat Rate- Any Tree!

   vacuum2This year we are offering a no-hassle tree removal and cleaning service beginning Monday, December 26th. Send us an email to schedule an appointment and we will come to your home, clip the branches off your tree if necessary (so the dry, brittle limbs won’t scratch your doors and furniture on the way out), remove the trunk and branches, and then vacuum the fallen needles on our way out! Discarded trees are then used to make compost, mulch, or fish beds. Please make sure all ornaments, lights, etc. are removed from your tree before we arrive. Make the holidays a little easier on yourself and schedule your removal with us today!



To schedule your removal Click Here or send an email to: info@andysgardencenter.com


We hope everyone’s New Year is getting off to a great start this year! Now that the holiday season is over, many of you probably have poinsettias sitting around the house that are looking a little less than festive. Instead of throwing them away, bring them to us instead to get a free primrose! Bring in any poinsettia, in any condition, purchased from any store to receive a free primrose! We will only be accepting trade-ins from January 3-8 so make sure you come by soon!

Primroses are great for indoor winter and early spring color and are known for their bright, vibrant hues. The name primrose actually means “first rose” because it is one of the first flowering plants of spring. They like shady, moist conditions with good drainage.

Between January 3-8 bring in ANY poinsettia purchased from ANY store to receive a free primrose!