azgd49Come in anytime before February 11th, 2012 to redeem your earned bonus bucks for up to HALF OFF your entire purchase. These coupons can be used towards absolutely anything at our Vestavia nursery. This includes fountains, trees, decorations, fertilizers, and even bulk products! And if don’t plan on doing any more planting before Spring or can’t think of anything you may need, remember now is a great time to start fighting Summer weeds with pre-emergents!

It’s also time to put down this season’s pre-emergent. Weed fighting products are divided into two categories: Post-emergents and Pre-emergents. Post-emergents fight weeds by killing them on the spot and usually employ stronger chemicals. The mush easier, safer, and more aesthetic option is to control weeds with a pre-emergent which stops them from ever sprouting in the first place. This month’s lawn treatment stops dozens of varieties of weeds, including crabgrass, before they ever become a problem in the spring. Apply now to save time and effort later!