New plants arriving daily!

afdaisyAs spring draws nearer we’re beginning to get more and more fresh, healthy new plants in at the nursery! Although the weather continues to be unpredictable, the Dianthus, African Daisy, and Diascia that arrived today will tolerate the coming frosts, while continuing to look beautiful throughout the summer! Another large shipment of indoor and outdoor plants will be arriving tomorrow!


kimberly-300x225We now have beautiful Kimberly Queen and Macho ferns in stock. These lush, healthy ferns will bring a real sense of spring and life to your home!



Trees and perennials can be planted now!

cherryNow is a great time to install plants and trees that will make a permanent addition to your landscaping! Dogwood, cherry, and redbud trees purchased now will be in their full glory by spring. Hellebore, hosta and heuchera can brighten up that shady area of your yard that’s been bare for years! There is still time left for trees and perennials to become well established before the growing season begin, but you’ve got to hurry in soon!


Use IMAGE on tough to kill weeds

IMAGE-300x300In order to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn this summer you need to start thinking about weed control now. While pre-emergents can be the best defense, there are some varieties of weeds that are either not affected by this treatment, or are already established at the time of application. For this situation we generally recommend IMAGE weed killer, which controls frustrating plants like wild onion and nutsedge. In some cases multiple applications may be needed, however IMAGE is the most effective way to treat many types of hardy established weeds.