strawberry_farmBoth our Vestavia Farm Market on Rocky Ridge Road and our Hoover location on Highway 150 are now open for the 2012 season. A few of Alabama’s crops are available at this time and we will continue to bring you the most local foods available as the season progresses. For now, Florida is producing some delicious strawberries and citrus. Their tender, hand-picked strawberries are second only to those from Chilton County. Honey Tangerines can be peeled in seconds and truly live up to the sweetness implied by their name. Minneolas are an interesting cross-breed of an orange and grapefruit that is perfect for cooking and has a flavor all its own. Of course we are fully stocked with all the vegetables and fruits you could need, but we will also be carrying new products and items this season! Come by soon to see our crisp new look and enjoy the freshest produce available!

Did You Know?
Trade Show Chicago Straw Stack
We sell our bales of pine straw at $4.99 each, and we often receive inquiries as to why we charge this price when most of our competition only charges $3.99. The answer is found in the size and unit price of the pine straw bales. Bales sold at big box stores measure 13″x14″x26″ inches resulting in 4700 cubic inches. Our bales measure 14″x16″x30″ at 6700 cubic inches, meaning they are about 30% larger and about 10% cheaper than the competition. That means that for every ten bales you purchase you save $5 over the big box stores!


February Lawn Application

5nw6e8This month’s lawn application is gypsum, a granular mineral that can be applied in almost any situation. Gypsum is useful for aerating heavily compacted soils as well as lowering the overall acidity. It is also an excellent source of calcium and sulfur. Because it does not contain any fertilizer or other harsh chemicals, it is almost impossible to over-apply or burn your lawn with this product. Gypsum is often utilized in soggy areas or were large amounts of clay are present.