Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! Instead of cut flowers or chocolates this year, give your loved ones a gift that will last for months or even years to come! Living blooms, in addition to being a more creative and memorable gift than traditional items, are also a great way for you ladies to see if your man is nurturing enough to sustain a houseplant!


34xhws8If your Valentine is  someone whose beauty and personality sets them apart from the crowd, then why not give a gift that reflects that? Orchids are both elegant and exotic, with astounding color patterns. With

Given proper care these plants can live for decades and in the case of some types- literally forever. What better symbol of immortal love than a gift that can take the journey with you? At all Andy’s locations we have orchids, including a conversation heart ceramic pot, starting at only $9.99.


chocolate-covered-strawberries-300x215And don’t forgot your strawberries this Valentines day! Both tasteful and tasty, our Florida fresh picked strawberries can make any night of romance a little more special. And if you are celebrating Single’s Awareness Day this February 14th, they also go great with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.