Spring Annuals and New Pottery in Now!

2caw5wThe weather is warming, and we are getting in more new stock each day. Flats of Marigolds, Begonias, Petunias Celosia, Impatiens & others are already here!  Beautiful hanging baskets are also being delivered daily! Come to Andy’s and get a jump start on your Spring!



Fresh at the Market

Fresh berries are in at the market! Super sweet strawberries are now coming out of north Florida and the Alabama crop will be ready soon! Our blackberries have been amazing so far this season! The first blueberries of the year are also starting to arrive!


Tons of New Pottery & Containers are Here!


Hundreds of new pottery and container items are in stock now! Container gardening is an excellent way to maintain beautiful plants in a small space, or to accent otherwise bare areas such as patios or doorsteps. By using tall, thin plants (thrillers), medium sized, full plants (fillers), and trailing or creeping plants (spillers) you can create professional quality mixed containers that will really impress! Planting into pots is also a great way to keep an herb or vegetable garden in places where you otherwise may not be able to. And with our dazzling selection of dozens of styles you can be sure you will find a container that you love! And from now until Sunday, use the included coupon to receive 25% off any container purchases!