12Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still haven’t gotten anything for mom? And what do you think she would have to say about that? Hm? Well let’s just hope she doesn’t find out. Lucky for you there is still time! Here at the nursery we have hundreds of plants, garden decor, and many more items that mom will love! Big, beautiful florist hydrangeas make great houseplants and can be planted outdoors when the bloom finishes. And if she has already planted every flower, bush, or tree you can think of, then get her a statue or fountain to complete her garden! Gift cards are also a great way to let mom pick out exactly what she wants, but you had better put it in a really sweet Hallmark card! Whatever you decide to get your mom for Mother’s Day this year, hurry in soon! Because you know you mom would tell you “Never put off until tomorrow what could be done today.”!

-Andy Burris


We’ve got some delicious
Georgia grown corn in at the market! Super sweet white and bi-color corn is picked fresh and shipped out immediately, and these early ears are some of the first out of the region this year! Available, on-the-cob, un-shucked, and creamed.



We’ve received a great deal on some mixed containers here at Andy’s recently, and now we are passing the savings onto you! Because these containers are

planted before we purchase them, they are already filled in and looking beautiful! Another great advantage is that they are actually more affordable than if you were to plant the container yourself! These plant mixes are specifically chosen to look amazing together as they grow. Petunias spill over the edge, while calibrachoa mounds into a mass of blooms and spike grass waves lazily overhead. These containers are a great value and make excellent gifts for mother’s day.