jug8dkWhat a crazy week it has been!  Manon finished up her volleyball season, Andrea is gearing up for her first Homecoming at the high school, and David is still busy playing soccer.  I actually got away to Tennessee this week and was able to get a real taste of fall!  Beautiful leaves and fresh, crisp apples just like we are selling at the market! If you have not tried one of the sweet, juicy honeycrisps you are missing out!  They are my favorite, and the kids love them too.
    While I was gone, everyone at Andy’s has been hard at work stuffing the nursery full of magnificent fall color. Our tables are full of dazzling pansies, violas, snapdragons and cabbages. Now that we have all these spectacular plants, you need a great new container to plant them in!   All weekend we will be having a huge container sale, so now is the time to replace that cracked, chipped, or just plain old container.  Come in and pick one out and we can help you find the perfect flowers to put in it!  Hope to see you this weekend, and Happy Fall!




Vestavia Nursery only, sale ends  Sunday, October 14


-Andy Burris


Employee Spotlight

Camera 360I am very fortunate to have some very special employees who work at Andy’s.  Some have been with Tricia and me for years, and others only months, but they all contribute to the running of this business and I could not do it without them.  Over the next few weeks, we are going to introduce you to them and tell you a little about them.  I tell you about my family every week, but they are family as well and I want you all to have a chance to meet them. Starting next week, check out this section and see what makes this company special.  As you know, behind every great boss are a bunch of great employees!