kids-tall-croppedWe hope everyone had a fun time trick-or-treating!  It’s certainly beginning to feel more like winter outside, and any remaining summer annuals are really looking rough now.  But here at the nursery we have thousands of beautiful pansies, snapdragons and violas that will continue to grow and bloom throughout the winter! We have tons of new houseplants in as well including lush, full ivy topiaries and unique olive trees!


Both of these versatile plants can be grown indoors or outdoors and provide beauty and enjoyment for years and years to come if given proper care. Enjoy foliage of the elegant olive tree now, and in just 12-15 short years, you can be enjoying your own olives as well! Our new topiary shipment ranges from cute and tiny to huge and stately! 6 foot tall three tiered ivy topiaries can makes a great impression in front yards and entrances, while smaller sizes are great for indoor accents. Come to Andy’s and find the perfect item for your home today!

-Andy Burris


Employee Spotlight

mandyThis week we would like you to meet Mandy Hamilton! Mandy is the manager of our Vestavia Farm Market and has been working with us for seven years. She has two sons and one daughter and enjoys riding Motorcycles in her spare time. Known for her take-charge approach and no-nonsense attitude, Mandy was once referred to as “The General George S. Patton of her time.”