Annual Christmas Sale
through this Saturday, December 22nd!


All Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs and Houseplants 
50-75% OFF!!

Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Groundcover
25-75% OFF!!

Christmas Trees, Ornaments and Decorations

50-75% OFF!!

Statuary, Tools, Containers and Wrought Iron
25-75% OFF!! 

The sale continues through Saturday, December 22, however we have limited stock available and at these prices you can be sure it won’t last long so hurry in now!
After Saturday, December 22nd, all Andy’s locations will be closed for the holidays until January 7.

-Andy Burris


Schedule your Tree Removal Now!

16hkc37I think we can safely say that one part of the holidays almost no one enjoys is the massive cleanup that has to be done afterwards.  Let us help make it a little easier on you by removing your Christmas tree. For a flat price of 35 dollars, we will remove any size tree! Just set-up an appointment for any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday AFTER December 27th (excluding December 31st) and take off your lights, ornaments and other decorations before we arrive. We will come to your home and remove any large branches (that may scratch walls or doorways) before removing the tree- we’ll even vacuum the needles on our way out!



Email your name, address, phone number, and desired date of removal to at any time before or after Christmas to schedule your removal!

And please email us if you have any scheduling or removal questions. You can also call us at the nursery, but please note: our stores will be closed from Dec. 22nd to Jan 7th but you can still set up removals during this time via email.