12Happy New Year! We are happy to be back at the nursery!  I hope that everyone had a great time being with their friends and families this season, but now that the holidays are over many of our indoor plants are looking a little less than festive.

But wait, don’t throw out those old poinsettias! Instead bring them to Andy’s to receive a free primrose! Just bring in any size poinsettia, in any condition, regardless of where it was purchased to get your absolutely free primrose! If you aren’t familiar with these wonderful plants, the primrose is a popular early winter houseplant that is both colorful and easy to care for. The only catch is that this offer won’t be around for long, we will only be accepting trade-ins until January 11 or while supplies last. We’ve enjoyed our time off these past weeks but now we’re back and packing the greenhouse with beautiful indoor color. Grab those poinsettias and come in soon!

Primrose Care

Primroses are ideal houseplants for winter and early spring color. Known for their bright, vibrant hues,  the name primrose actually means “first rose” because of it’s early bloom. They enjoy bright areas out of direct sunlight, moist conditions with good drainage. Keep as cool as possible and do not allow to dry out.