12Warmer weather is just around the corner and beautiful color is everywhere here at the nursery!  After a long winter of bland plants and limited choices, we are happy to announce that spring is finally beginning to arrive! More new stock is arriving each day and we already have plenty to choose from!

Vibrant Marigolds are blooming in bright shades of yellow, orange, and red. Hardy Dianthus are opening up to display their gorgeous pink and white flowers. Tropical Boston and Kimberly Queen ferns are here as well, and other stunning tropicals will be here soon. Dozens of magnificent flowering annuals are in now with more arriving every day.  It’s time to step outside, enjoy the sunshine, and get back to gardening

Blueberry Pints only 0.99!

Both our Hoover and Vestavia Farm Markets are now open! Florida tomatoes are delivered fresh each morning and more Alabama produce is arriving each day. And right now, blueberry pints are only 0.99! At this price they sell out quickly so hurry in soon.