lawnfoodallseasonsAs spring begins to arrive, seeds that have overwintered in your lawn start to warm and germinate. As they grow and develop, these weeds rob your lawn of nutrition, sunlight and moisture. But you can stop the problem before it starts! Apply Fertilome’s “For All Seasons” featuring Prodiamine to  prevent common weeds from ever growing in your yard. In addition to saving on pesticides and labor later this summer, your lawn will be healthier without the competition. Apply pre-emergent now to prevent warm season weeds from germinating.

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-Andy Burris

Exciting new Pottery Line!

Our new 2013 line of pottery is in now! With hundreds of different styles and colors we know you will find something that you love! From small containers perfect for houseplants, to large urns and other pottery ideal for entrances, Andy’s has what you need to make your home look great this seas