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What’s Blooming @ Andy’s

Follow this site to keep up with what’s blooming at Andy’s Nursery & Garden Center. [...]

Planting A Bunch of Tomatoes, Peppers & Basil in Raised Beds

Watch this video for some great tips on growing tomatoes, peppers and basil in raised [...]

Demystifying Garden Fertilizers: NPK, Organic Options, and Application Tips

A thriving garden begins with healthy soil, and using the right fertilizer is essential for [...]

Kitchen Gardens 3 Ways

Creating a Versatile Kitchen Garden: Garden Beds, Raised Beds, and Containers. Introduction A kitchen garden [...]

Pruning and Fertilizing Hydrangea Macrophylla for Stunning Blooms

Introduction Hydrangea macrophylla, commonly known as bigleaf hydrangea, is a popular garden staple beloved for [...]

Mosquito Control

This container garden has been the talk of the nursery for the past two weeks. [...]

Pruning Landscape Trees & Shrubs

Pruning of trees and shrubs can help them stay within a certain size limit to [...]

Perennials – A Garden Investment

  Perennials come back year after year and give an excellent return on a gardener’s [...]

Beneficial Mulches Assist with Chemical-Free Garden Health

  Benefits of Mulching Long before modern day use as a purely decorative element, mulch [...]

Tips for Annual Selection & Care

Choose Well To ensure attractive healthy annuals all season, choose full, well branched plants with [...]