Mosquito Control

This container garden has been the talk of the nursery for the past two weeks. Guess what?! Andy’s Creekside Nursery has all the ingredients for a mosquito control container garden IN STOCK! The Ageratum and Marigold plants we carry are tried and true for our region. They make perfect substitutes for what has been specified […]

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Pruning Landscape Trees & Shrubs

Pruning of trees and shrubs can help them stay within a certain size limit to fit the confines and aesthetics of a garden space. More importantly, pruning encourages fuller plants – thus more foliage for photosynthesis, more blooms to attract pollinators, more fruits for you and any creatures you share them with.


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Perennials – A Garden Investment


Perennials come back year after year and give an excellent return on a gardener’s investment of time, energy and money. Perennials can provide a beautifully shifting display of texture and color throughout the seasons, without the removing and replacing of plants that would be needed to bring a fresh look to annual plantings. Most can […]

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Beneficial Mulches Assist with Chemical-Free Garden Health


Benefits of Mulching

Long before modern day use as a purely decorative element, mulch had an established history of benefitting plants, soil and gardeners. This is still its highest calling. A good layer of beneficial mulch can reduce stress on plants by regulating soil temperatures and reducing moisture loss and competition from weeds. In the veggie garden it also helps keep leafy veggies from getting splashed with dirt each


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Tips for Annual Selection & Care

Choose Well

To ensure attractive healthy annuals all season, choose full, well branched plants with good foliage color and – on flowering annuals – an abundance of buds. Don’t go for the biggest plants or most open blooms, these are more likely to be leggy and burned out too soon. If the latter is all you find, you can improve their appearance and longevity by pruning them back by about one third to encourage branching and fresh growth. […]

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Lighten Up! Brightening and enlivening the shade garden

Hosta and ferns are standards for the perennial shade garden. They have similar growing condition requirements and the contrast of fine-textured fronds and broad Hosta leaves does bring dimension and quiet contrast. All well and good for a supremely serene retreat, but what if you’d like to energize your shadowy shade realm a bit? […]

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