Buying materials in bulk is convenient when large quantities are required.

Andy’s Creekside Nursery carries a wide assortment of landscape materials such as compost, sand, mulch and soil conditioner. Bulk material is available in yard increments. Delivery of these materials is available. Please call 205-824-0233 for more information or to schedule a delivery.

Mulch will not only enhance the beauty of your beds, it will also help control weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and insulate your plants.

Three inches of mulch is needed to help control the weeds. Too much mulch will suffocate the newly planted beds. One cubic yard (27 cubic feet) of mulch covers 108 sq. feet, at 3 inches deep.

  • SOIL CONDITIONER – consists of finely ground pine bark, which is great for amending clay soils. Incorporating it into your soil will allow air and water to reach the roots of your plants and improve drainage.
  • COMPOST – is decomposed matter made from leaves. Using compost improves the soil structure and increases water holding capacity. Compost should be a rich, dark, earthy material.
  • TOPSOIL – Andy’s topsoil has been finely screened to produce a rich, consistent soil.
  • 57 GRAVEL – Medium gravel good for use in French drains.
  • 89-10 – Fine gravel used for driveways and as a base for patios.
    PEA GRAVEL – Use for decorative walkways, play grounds and ponds.

For new beds or heavy soil
(per 24 square feet)
2” (2 bags) Soil conditioner
1-2” (1-2 bags) Topsoil
1-2” (1-2 bags) Mushroom compost/Black Kow
1/2 lb. Osmocote
Turn into existing soil to depth of 8-12 inches.