irrigation-3-150x150Landscaping not only beautifies your home, it increases the value of your property. Maintain your landscape with a properly planned and properly programmed irrigation system. It will make watering easier and save time and money. Proper watering helps keep plants healthy. They develop better root systems which make them less susceptible to insects, diseases and cold damage. Lawns become greener while shrubs, trees and flowers bloom longer. When not stressed from lack of water greenery will be healthier and longer lasting in general. Irrigation in the past was a very costly addition for a homeowner. Now, with the arrival of new PVC products the cost of installing a system is within reach of almost every budget. Prices will vary according to the size of the property and landscape, however most systems will pay for themselves in a few years. Plants will be healthier, water bills will be lower and you will finally have the time to enjoy your yard.