watergarden13-150x150Remember that camping trip to the mountains, the beautiful mountain streams and waterfalls and who could forget the sound of the water flowing over the boulders and stones. Now, try to imagine this in your own backyard. A water garden is a wonderful addition to any garden. It adds a touch of tranquility and peace to any setting. The key to all of our gardens is blending every waterfall, stream and pond into your landscape. Stone placement, location of aquatic plants and landscaping around the water garden create a natural look. The options are truly watergarden05-150x150endless. For ponds with koi and aquatic plants, we use extensive filtration systems for crystal clear water. For those of you that prefer not to have fish, you may consider one of our pondless waterfalls. Streambeds with multiple waterfalls make excellent additions to any of these water gardens. So give us a call, we would love to set up a water garden consultation with you.