We offer a personal consultation with each of our clients for a cost of $100 per hour. This consultation will be done with one of Andy’s State Certified Landscape Professionals and will include a private walk through your property. We take this opportunity to listen to our clients needs while we identify any problem areas. It is very important to brainstorm together, designer and homeowner, so that the best master plan can be developed. A quick sketch may be all that is needed at this point. An estimate is included, as well. However, if more time is required, then an additional fee of $100 per hour will apply. By going forward with this initial consultation, we can identify and evaluate the site conditions in order to create a design that specifically fits both the client and the property.

Design is a key step in creating harmony and functionality in your landscape. Landscape design is very similar to interior design—simply on a much grander scale. Your landscape should serve many functions, one of which is to blend your home into its surroundings. Just as a painter blends his oils on a canvas, our landscape designers seek to blend your home’s architecture and your style with the most natural surroundings.
Design is an art form which requires a good deal of time and careful consideration. We use fundamental elements of design such as texture, line, form and color to create a balanced and beautiful landscape for you to enjoy. We believe that a landscape creates a LASTING IMPRESSION and that it should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
We offer design services for a cost of $100 per hour. Designs range in price based on amount of time required to complete them. Let our talented design team bring a master plan to life! A well planned landscape design can benefit its owner tremendously. Your landscape can:
• increase opportunities for outdoor living
• create privacy
• provide a cooler environment in summer
• reduce energy consumption in winter
• provide an abundance of fresh foods & herbs
• reduce winds
• Most importantly you receive pride and satisfaction in the development of an attractive, useful, and environmentally compatible site. The physical exercise of gardening is known to offer great satisfaction and relaxation. But, perhaps the principal benefit is a notable increase in property value!